Pupil using the climbing wall at Elms Bank

Inspire Pathway

The Inspire Pathway is for students who are able to leave Elms Bank to seek employment. Students in the Inspire Pathway may leave Elms Bank at Year 11 to attend an external college course or they may stay on within our college provision but seek employment through a supported traineeship/apprenticeship.

At Elms Bank College (Key Stage 5) they study a range of ASDAN accredited courses in Yr12.

In Yr13 & 14 students choose an Internship Route (1,2, or 3). They can access a Library Internship, facilitate by Elms Bank staff, and / or a Supported Internship at Fairfield Hospital facilitated by Pure Innovations and Elms Bank staff.

The internship can be a one or two year programme and will support students to gain high quality and relevant employment skills. On completion of the internship programme, students may move on to gain experience of other work areas in the community environment, begin paid work or leave school early with the permission of their parents.

Students within the Inspire Pathway are encouraged to be as independent as possible, and many of our students are successful independent travellers at KS4.

Independence and communication underpins all the curriculum and all students are supported by SALT programmes that run throughout the curriculum.

All students have access to 5 PSHE drop down days in which they study British Values, Bullying, Relationships, Diversity, Internet Safety, Emotional Well-Being/Self Image, and Drug and Alcohol awareness.

Wider curriculum opportunities are celebrated and captured within the students personalised Applied Learning Passport. Within this document students record their involvement within extracurricular opportunities for example: clubs, arts week, the school play, sporting events, PSHE drop down days and residentials.