Pupils in a science lesson at Elms Bank

Pathways Overview

The College Pathway builds upon all three of our school pathways – up to Year 14. Students within the College Pathway are encouraged to be as independent as possible, and many of our students are successful independent travellers. Independence and communication underpins all the curriculum and all students are supported by SALT programmes that run throughout the curriculum.

Wider curriculum opportunities are celebrated and captured within the students personalised Applied Learning Passport. Within this document students record their involvement within extracurricular opportunities for example: clubs, arts week, the school play, sporting events, PSHE drop down days and residentials.

The students who are following the Inspire and Explore Pathways are in the following classes:

  • Challenge
  • Understand
  • Remember

The following college classes are within the Thrive Pathway:

  • Maple
  • Willow

Students from Specialist Provision are integrated into college lessons that are pertinent to their personalised timetable.

Explore and Inspire Pathways

The focus of the curriculum, where appropriate, is ‘applied learning’. Applied Learning builds on all the skills learnt previously in the main body of the school but develops these skills within a work experience environment.

Students have the opportunity to run the College’s two main businesses – Posh Nosh and The Gallery. Within this curriculum time students use a range of skills within hospitality, creative studies, managing money, customer service and the wider employability skills e.g. health and safety.

Students study the following qualifications:

  • Employability – Employability Qualification EL1 – Level 2
  • Independent Living – PSD Qualification EL1 – Level 2
  • Enterprise – Asdan Short Course
  • Creative Studies – Asdan Short Course
  • Food wise – Asdan Short Course
  • Animal Care– Asdan Short Course
  • Environment– Asdan Short Course
  • Sport and Leisure– Asdan Short Course

Key Skills, including Maths and English, are taught throughout the above accreditation.

Inspire students have maths and English lessons as part of their timetable in order for them to build on their maths and English qualifications.

All students have access to a range of supported internal and external work experience placements and some of these lead to supported internships, traineeships and apprenticeships..

Thrive Pathway

Students within the Thrive Pathway build on their PPQs already achieved in the main body of the school. Students have access to therapies, hydrotherapy and movement as well as the following lessons:

  • Hospitality
  • Theme
  • Creative Studies
  • Communication and Literacy
  • Cognition and Thinking
  • Independent Living
  • Cultural Studies