Specialist Provision (SP) Pathway


The SP Pathway is tailored to the needs of students whose main barrier to learning is Complex ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and/or present challenging behaviours due to their learning barrier.


  • To embed and promote positive student well-being, confidence, independence, communication skills throughout the curriculum.

  • A broad & balanced curriculum at KS3 & KS4 following the National Curriculum, with an enhanced ASD provision.

  • At KS5 the curriculum will focus on accreditations linked to life skills, independence and meaningful employability experience.

  • A specific Blended Learning offer is in place to engage and support students and their families, who need to self-isolate. (See Blended Learning Policy).

  • The pace and content of the curriculum has been modified in line with our Recovery Curriculum. (See Recovery Curriculum Policy)


  • SP students within this pathway access a form tutor and TAs, to facilitate 1:1 supported, highly individualised timetables.
  • This is a differentiated curriculum, tailored to the needs of students with ASD, this includes dedicated time for sensory programmes, therapeutic activities and TEACCH strategies, to support students in learning to regulate their emotions.
  • Some students will build up to working with others.
  • SP Plus students may build up to their curriculum being delivered within other pathways, moving to a range of subject specialist teachers.
  • Where appropriate, students within this pathway experience wrap around care from a range of multi-agencies including school nursing, physiotherapy, occupational health, speech and language therapists, CAMHS and social care.
  • Careers Information Advice and Guidance & Applied Learning are integrated throughout the curriculum. Students receive 1 day in KS3 and 1 week in KS4 of internal and external work experience, called ‘World of Work’. In addition, where appropriate, some students also have the opportunity to access an individually bespoke programme.
  • PSHCE /Citizenship/Sex Relationship Education – have 5 additional whole School ‘Drop Down Days’. These dedicated days provide exciting and meaningful learning opportunities, in addition to weekly lessons.
  • Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural & Personal  Development – The whole school comes together to participate in a whole School Humanities Day annually. All students engage in our annual ‘Arts Week’ and in our Summer Term B ‘Whole School Performance’, which culminates in a whole school Arts production.
  • Residentials – students in each Key Stage have the opportunity to attend a residential. In Key Stage 5 there are two residentials, this includes our annual joint residential with our German partner school, Rurtle-Schule.


  • Positive student well-being, confidence, independence, functional communication skills.


  • SP KS4 students work towards a range of BTECs, Entry Level 1-2 qualification, Duke of Edinburgh. Entry level qualifications provide functional skills in maths and English which are useful in everyday life.

  • SP Plus KS4 students work towards a range of GCSEs Grade G-C (1-4), BTECs, Entry Level 3 and Level 1-2 qualification.

  • KS5 students work towards achieving ASDAN Towards Independence Modules, Open Awards (Award or Certificate), focusing on life skills, preparing for adulthood and employability experiences. Courses either support students to gain employment skills, or prepare them to be able to positive contribute to their community through further education, engagement in adult community opportunities and volunteering, , post 19yrs.