Pupil on work experience at Elms Bank

Thrive Pathway

The Thrive Pathway is for students who have more complex learning difficulties, including those with profound and multiple learning difficulties. Students within the Thrive Pathway usually stay at Elms Bank from Year 7 until the end of Year 14; this includes three years within Elms Bank College. At the end of Year 14 students typically move from Elms Bank into Further Education and undertake appropriate courses suitable for their needs. 

The majority of students progress through Key Stage 3 and 4 into Key Stage 5.  

Students in KS5 extend all their previous learning and aim to achieve a Diploma in Personal Progress by the end of Y14.

All students have access to 5 PSHE drop down days in which they experience and explore activities based on British Values, Bullying, Relationships, Diversity, Internet Safety, Emotional Well-Being/Self Image, and Drug and Alcohol Awareness; these areas are all presented in an appropriate way for the students and all the learning takes place through sensory activities.

Wider curriculum opportunities are celebrated and captured within each student’s personalised Applied Learning Passport. All these opportunities are documented within the passports, showing their involvement within extra-curricular activities, for example, clubs, arts week, the school play, sporting events, PSHE drop down days and residentials.