A science lesson at Elms Bank


Elms Bank pupils are laying down roots for a greener future

City of Trees is a charity dedicated to planting trees and restoring woodlands for the people and wildlife of Greater Manchester. This week, they came to Elms Bank to breathe new life into the grounds surrounding school. Students were keen to help, and they worked hard digging and planting to create an area which will be a focus for outdoor learning and a beautiful place to relax and watch the seasons change.

City of Trees aims to plant a tree for every citizen in Greater Manchester within 5 years – making a total of 3 million trees. The young citizens at Elms Bank helped them get closer to their target by planting 250 trees.  After weeks of online learning, students were thrilled to spend time together outdoors, working towards a common goal of improving the natural surroundings of their school for generations to come.  As we move out of lockdown and into the spring, children and staff alike are looking forward to a brighter, and greener, future at Elms Bank.