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New Unsworth Centre

Elms Bank College students gave a warm welcome to a group of councillors during a visit to the new Unsworth Centre.

Year 13 and 14 students gave a presentation about the history of the project and a guided tour of the building to Cllr Joan Grimshaw, Cllr Tahir Rafik and Cllr Nathan Boroda.

The new community centre is based in the former Unsworth Library building on Sunny Bank Road in Unsworth and is run by Elms Bank School in partnership with the local community.

College students from Elms Bank will work alongside volunteers to run the building which it is hoped will become an important resource for the community with a book exchange service, coffee shop, crafts, public access computers, children’s area and lots of events and activities.

The Elms Bank team shared plans on re-opening the building to the public and the work which has gone on to prepare the building.

Cllr Tahir Rafiq said: "It was great to visit the Unsworth Centre, it was exactly what I was expecting and envisaged in 2018, and includes the library, computer, and copying facilities, much wanted in the area, whilst at the same time one can enjoy a drink.

"It is a great credit to Elms Bank School and all the team."

Orienne Langley-Sadler, Headteacher of Elms Bank, added: “We are so proud of the work done by the students to get the Unsworth Centre ready for re-opening and we are looking forward to welcoming the community into the space once again.”